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Our team

We are a collective group of organized Nurse Practitioners operating out of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. All of our Nurse Practitioners are board-certified in multiple specialites and are educated at the Master's or Doctorate level. We are not tied to any specific healthcare group, insurance plan, or health system. We are independent of any and all outside influences. 

Our history

Salubrious NPs started out in 2014 with two Nurse Practitioners and one goal: Provide fast, effective, and affordable family-based care through all modern means and modalities. Keep healthcare delivery cost down. Keep it simple. Keep the patient's best interest in mind, always.

Our mission

Salubrious NPs was started as a collaborative group that would both promote and facilitate the Nurse Practitioner profession. Our philosophy has been very clear and concise since conception:

  • Understand the role that Nurse Practitioners play, promote that skill set, and enable the public an option with regards to their care 
  • Provide Nurse Practitioners (NPs) through our staffing augmented service line for medical offices throughout Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado
  • SNAP Virtual Visits is our flagship service line that is provided via phone/tablet application to diagnoses and treats over 50 common episodic illnesses from the comfort of where the patient is. We service Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Our goal is to expand this service nationwide
  • Ensure everyone has quality care access at the most affordable price 

Our Services

Nurse Practitioner Services

  • Family Practice
  • Pediatric Care 
  • Women's Care
  • Urgent Care
  • ER Services 
  • Hospitalist Coverage
  • Intensivist Coverage
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Department of Transportation Physicals
  • Medical Practice After-hour Provider Support

Medical-Legal Consulting

We offer expert Medical-Legal consultants to assist with both plantiff and defense teams for Family Practice and Urgent Care lawsuits.

SNAP Virtual Visits

Through our mobile application, SNAP Virtual Visits, available in both the Apple Store and Google play, you'll have access to Nurse Practitioners 24/7/365. We'll see you through your devices camera, assess your needs, offer you a diagnosis and send any prescriptions if needed to your pharmacy of choice. 

  • No insurance needed
  • Ages 2-up
  • $40 per visit

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We are here for all of our customers, all day, every day.

We pride ourselves in communication with both the medical offices we serve and our patients. 

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Salubrious Nurse Practitioners, PLLC

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Salubrious Nurse Practitioners

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SNAP Virtual Visits

24/7/365 via Apple or Google play Application