Medical Incident Management

Board Certified Providers for Continuity of Care

The provider taking the call is the Case Manager, there are no handoffs which ensures continuity of care

Effective Triaging

We'll help direct appropriate care consultation based on the triaged call. The Provider taking the call will become that employee's Case Manager. 

Technology Focused

Salubrious has integrated our Virtual Visit Platform (SNAP) to provide our offered services in addition to telephone support. This is our proprietary software platform that is changing how healthcare is delivered.

Fit for Purpose Program

We can tailor a support program for any company needs. Full transparency means lower costs

Cost Savings Guaranteed

We offer a 20% cost reduction guarantee. With a review of your current costs, we'll show you exactly how we will save you money. One key reason is our business structure, which is digital focused and very little overhead

Reduce Lost Time Days

Our goal is to keep employees working. Reducing Lost Time days decreases cost and improves productivity

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